Sounds good, so what do I get?

With you get all-in-one.

Choose your model for payment processing...and we ensure customer billing. While you are making money.



Revenue share: You get 65% of all sales by full service

You just select your currency (EUR or USD). It's our job to arrange the approval from our payment processor. By now we are able to offer Visa, MasterCard and Sofort Banking as payment gateways.

Our bill is automatically created by the end of a month.
You are paid within one month via wire transfer or Paypal.


Settings cashport: You get flexible shop technology & technical infrastructure

We work with your credit card processor and adapt the modules to your shop.

Easy pricing structure: gets one credit per day each client. Even your affiliate program can be implemented.

As usual you get your cash by your payment service provider minus our credits. Check out our price table and calculate your new business model.

Cashport price table

Credits Price
0-200 € 0.15
201-400 € 0.14
401-600 € 0.13
601-800 € 0.12
801-1000 € 0.11
1001-2000 € 0.10
2001-3000 € 0.09
3001-4000 € 0.08
>4001 € 0.07

1 credit = 1 client per day

Example: When you have a client at your shop from the 10th to 17th of a month, you would use 7 credits.


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