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75% revenue split
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Registration is completely FREE. So you can start earning money right with no up front fees. You receive 75% of the net revenue, while Shopmaker takes the remaining 25% to cover storage/ hosting/ support/ software, among many more features!

Note: There is a 10% processing fee on all transactions before anybody receives their percent. This is the banking company who takes this share and it is the standard industry wide.

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Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
Free domain
Piracy control
Advanced statistics
Memberships & content store options
Customizable templates
New themes regularly introduced
Multi model based templates
Social media feed
No startup costs
Revenue split
75% revenue split
Your cutOur cut
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  • Customizable design
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free marketing
  • Free domain
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What we provide
  • New themes introduced regularly
  • Social media feed
  • Memberships & content store options
  • Billing support
  • Advanced statistics
  • Piracy control
  • Geo blocking
  • Do I keep ownership of my content?

    Of course. We are only here to supply you with the tools and assist in any way we can to help you achieve your financial goals. You are free to register and close up shop as you please, we do not own the rights to your content.

  • How often am I paid / How will I be paid?

    We pay out monthly. Every second to third week.

    You choose your method of payout, currently we offer SEPA (EU customers), PayPal, Western Union and even international bank transfers.

  • How much will a site cost me?

    Nothing to start up. However Shopmaker takes a 25% cut for bandwidth, storage and customer support. That’s 75% of PROFITS, so you have nothing to lose!

  • What is the minimum payout?

    The minimum payout is €100.00.

    The amount is customizable and can be raised in the admin. There may be exceptions to this rule so we can pay out lower amounts, too.

  • What if I want to close my site?

    No problem, as long as all active users have expired or refunded their membership fees for the month. Otherwise all active members will need to retain their access to the site and your materials until expired in order to avoid chargebacks and money loss. At first request, we will close down your tour so that you do not receive new registrants. Surfers will be forwarded to a page with a login link until members have expired.

  • Can I use my own domain?

    Yes. You can either use your own domain or get one for free through our site.